If you’re going to bug out, bug out early

Some California residents are learning a lesson that we in the preparedness community have know for a long time–If you’re going to evacuate, you have to do it early. Unfortunately some of them learned this lesson at the cost of their lives.

“Cars and trucks, some with trailers attached, were left on the roadside as evacuees ran for their lives, said Bass.”

So far, 5 have lost that race. I expect more will be found.

2 thoughts on “If you’re going to bug out, bug out early

  1. Link is "Access denied" of course.

    I presume the road was blocked by stopped traffic?
    If I have to run, I'm in big trouble; that's why I have 4WD.
    Luckily, the roads can't be surrounded by flame here unless the cornfields are ablaze.

  2. This is weird. I tried it a few minutes ago and got the same message. So I'm trying to find the new link and Fox's site is acting squirrelly-search wasn't working, among some other things. Can't find the story the hard way. Then miraculously the site starts working and so does the link, for now.

    I'm beginning to think linking to their stuff isn't worth the trouble.

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