Someone in the Minnesota legislature doesn’t like guns

(Via The Woodpile Report)

The masks have come off in Minnesota, as Representatives Linda Slocum, Fue Lee, Jean Wagenius, Karen Clark and David Bly have introduced HF 3022, an unnamed bill that will, in essence, make it well-nigh impossible to own a firearm or ammunition in the Gopher state. Seven other legislators have had their names removed as authors from the bill. There is no word if that had anything to do with voters armed with tar and feathers.

According to, this steaming pile o’ crap will mean

– Permit required to own a gun

– Permit required to buy a gun

– Permit required to sell a gun

– Local law enforcement gets to deny all types of gun permits

– Local law enforcement gets to deny permits to carry

– Personal medical information must be shared with law enforcement

– All firearm transfers must be reported

– All guns must be registered (fees set by local law enforcement)

– Registration must be renewed annually

– Local law enforcement may conduct warrantless “safety inspections” of gun owner’s homes

– Local law enforcement sets “safe storage” policies

– Five day waiting period for all transfers

– Transfers must be done through an FFL (even between private parties)

– Fees may be charged for transfers

– Local law enforcement may conduct background investigation on transfers

– Total ban on any gun which meets broad “assault weapon” definition – banned guns must be destroyed or surrendered

– Ban thumbhole stocks

– Ban adjustable stocks

– Ban pistol grip stocks

– Limit fixed magazine capacity to 7 rounds

– Ban any magazine capable of holding more than 7 rounds

– Suspension of gun rights based on complaints from anonymous parties

– Recriminalization of suppressors

– Bump stock ban

– All ammunition sales will be registered

– Permit required to purchase ammunition

– Make gun owner private data public, including number and type of guns owned and your address

Just remember, the gun banners’ end game is for all of us to be disarmed and dead. If you think I’m exaggerating, please re-read the above.

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