“Guns are not the solution to our safety.”

So sayeth the spokesperson for the North Carolina Council of Churches, a group that contains churches that, as a resident of North Carolina, I recognize among the more liberal in my state.

Obviously, I don’t buy that, and I doubt that few if any of you do either. Unfortunately the population growth here has attracted certain elements that I wish had remained where they came from. “Californication” doesn’t only happen when residents from California move in.

But the thing that offends me is that this group claims that we view our guns as idols. Seriously? I don’t have a shrine to my guns. There isn’t a dark room, lit only by candles that holds and AR-15 in a cradle, flanked by cases of XM855 ammo.

That would be a fire hazard. 🙂

This does, however, point out quite nicely the bizarre viewpoint of some gun grabbers as well as their depth of misunderstanding of gun owners. I think it also points out that this is a gulf that will not be bridged.

I fear what is coming.

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