Let there be light

As usual, I found this while I was looking at other things on the Intertubz. The Humphrey Gas Light.

I remember similar lights in old travel trailers when I was a kid. I don’t know what models were available back then, but today there are a variety of models, colors and accessories that should allow you to adapt these for just about any use. The immediate uses I see is for off-grid lighting or emergency lighting. If you were building or retrofitting a house or a building, it wouldn’t be much trouble to pipe in propane to various locations and install some of these for future use.

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    Pro tip: During a build/remodel, run propane lines through the walls to power these lights, as well as to wherever the stove sits in the kitchen. Couldn't hurt to add a couple more connections for future use with vented wall furnaces, too, and maybe even a tankless water heater. Natural gas may be more convenient, but a couple 250 gallon propane tanks in the back yard means you're in control; if the grid fails catastrophically so will the pumping stations that supply NG.

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