Not helping

Seth Smith, the owner and operator of Aynor Armory Firearms Research and Manufacturing in Aynor, SC, is not helping gunnies out.

Speaking to a local news outlet on the subject of bumpfire stocks, he’s quoted as saying “It’s definitely not something that needs to be in anybody’s hands.”

While he may be correct on some of his technical pronouncements on the subject, we need to present a unified front in the face of our enemy, who has already taken statements made within the gun community on the subject of bumpfire stocks and ran with them.

This isn’t the time for grabbing some free publicity, political games, reaching out or any of the rest of it. Right now, we have to knock the gun grabbers flat. After that, once emotions have cooled, maybe then there can be some talk about the subject. But right now, let’s all tend carefully to what we put out there.

1 thought on “Not helping

  1. A) He's an idiot in my emotional, uninformed opinion.
    B) The mobility-impaired people I know would disagree with him. Idiot.
    C) Idiot.

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