Monday is a red-letter day in New Orleans

The Second Amendment Foundation reports that Monday is the big day–the day the citizens of New Orleans who had their guns illegally confiscated by police can get them back. Of course, there is a slight catch:

Residents whose guns were taken should call the New Orleans Police at (504) 658-5503 or go in person to the Police Property and Evidence facility, at 400 North Jefferson Davis Parkway. Gun owners will have to provide proof of ownership, which could include a bill of sale, a description of the firearm including brand and model and the serial number or a notarized affidavit that describes the firearm. Citizens claiming their firearms will need proper identification, such as a driverÂ’s license. Before firearms are returned, New Orleans police will conduct a background check.

OK, I understand being able to prove you owned the gun. The background check I find way past distasteful. The conspiracy theorist in me sees it as a way to get any of those guns that had legally “fallen out of the system” tucked safely back in.

At least they get their guns back. Maybe when the next hurricane hits the cops will be better behaved. Or the citizens less likely to give up their guns–it’ll be interesting to see which.

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