Do you suck?

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At the risk of pissing off a lot of people who probably need to be pissed off…

I’m still ticked at all those people who just had to “send the Republicans a message”, or don’t care for how Iraq is going. You stayed home, or worse yet, voted for the freakin’ Democraps. Now we’ve got ourselves a raft of new anti-gun/anti-freedom legislation, and to some (probably large extent, IMHO), we’ve got you to thank for it.

I’m also ticked off at all the people (yes, on all sides) who are too sorry to become informed and get their sorry butts out and vote. Yeah it takes some time and effort. Get over it–it’s your duty as a citizen.

Gun owners can be some of the worst for this sort of behavior. How many gun shows have you went to where the guys manning the NRA booth are just sitting there with nothing to do, because the vast majority of gun owners refuse to spend the cost of one afternoon’s ammo per year for a membership?

Dillon Precision, makers of highly thought of reloading equipment, publish a nifty little catalog that doubles as a magazine, The Blue Press. It has lots of stuff for sale, pictures of pretty ladies with guns and always a few interesting articles. Case in point–before the 2004 election, author Peter Caroline took the position “If you don’t vote like a gun owner, YOU SUCK!” Here’s the first paragraph:

According to most estimates, there are between 75 and 80 million adult gun owners in the United States. That’s more people than voted in the last presidential election. So why is it, when there are so many gun owners, that we are not the DOMINANT voting bloc in this country? Because most of that 75-80 million are stupid, lazy, hypocritical barfbags. Well, I’d like to say something to that group.

Now go read the rest of it. It’s all as true now as it was then (with the exception that NRA membership has grown to a paltry 4 million). When you’re done, you need to consider the subject of the 2008 election and the likely winners if gun owners don’t start acting like they value their freedoms.

Yeah, the Republicans are far from perfect. Sure, they let years of being in power go to their heads. Yep, they made the stupid decision to abandon their professed principles in an effort to stay in power. We let them do it! When they started acting this way, we didn’t stand up, write letters, publish blogs and make phone calls. We didn’t put any meaningful pressure on them. We didn’t hold their feet to the fire. It’s as much our fault as it is theirs.

So the questions are:

  • Did you suck during the last elections?
  • Do you suck now?
  • Will you suck in 2008?

Or will you get off your fat whatever and work to keep the freedoms that remain and retake those we’ve lost?

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