About that school shooting in Maryland

This little jewel popped up on one of the last social media sites I still frequent. Take a look at that long list of laws, most of them relating to firearms, all of which were passed by politicians who assured us that each and every one of them was “A good first step” or “Another step to reign in gun violence” or that we had to “Think of the Children!” or some other phrase meant to appeal to those who emote rather than think.

You know, I’d like to take all those politicians and their allies in all the gun grabber groups, stand them en masse up against a wall and…slather them in the blood of all the victims they have created. After all, they enjoy dancing in the blood of those victims–why not give them a full treatment.

My built-in nasty streak aside, this little graphic once again points out something that our side has been saying for years. You stop a bad guy with a gun by having a good guy with a gun close at hand. This doesn’t mean no one will get hurt or killed. The good guy will always be, unfortunately, behind the curve. The bad guy will always control the where and when of a mass shooting. We have to wait for the balloon to go up and then react to the situation. But when you have an armed person on hand, whether they are, as in this case, a police officer, or they’re just your average citizen who has decided to take personal responsibility and act as their own first responder, quick reaction in a mass shooting event saves lives.

No amount of angry teenagers on TV will change that fact.

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