We told you that “Smart Guns” are a dumb idea. But No-o-o-o!

It isn’t like the gun grabbers and Progressivists haven’t been warned, but it’s nice to have millions if not tens or hundreds of millions of dollars of research ruined by a guy with $15 worth of magnets.

Despite decades of the reports that smart guns are based on theoretical technology that does not work in reality, leftists have gravitated to the German manufactured Armatix IP1 as the smart gun of the future.

Problem #1: A hacker at a Colorado shooting range just showed how to completely sidestep the gun’s lock mechanism via the use of $15 of magnets.

Problem #2: The same hacker showed how to the lock the gun—when it is supposed to be in fire mode—so that the gun’s owner cannot use it in self-defense.

That’s going to leave a mark.

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