Why the Tier 1 guys love their big SUVs

Ars Technica has a rather fluffy piece on operators and their love for big SUVs. As a Suburban owner, I can tell you that it’s hard not to love a vehicle that has room for you and your friends plus enough gear to take over a small banana republic–or a week at the coast–in total comfort. Plus fools in their Toyota Piouses Priuses tend to get the hell out of the way when 7500# of 4WD truck is bearing down.

Don’t miss the link to The Range Complex. I haven’t been but I hear it’s a heck of a place.

2 thoughts on “Why the Tier 1 guys love their big SUVs

  1. TRC was nice when I was there in 2011, when it was still called TigerSwan. I'll be hosting an intro pistol class on October 7th. You should come. It'll be taught by their instructors. One of these days I want to take one of their multi day classes.

    Email me and I'll give you details.

  2. I have the Ford Expedition EL. I would have had an Excursion but all the ones near me came with the 10 cylinder engine, not the diesel. (10MPG is too little, even with the current price of gas!)

    Fits a 4X8 sheet of plywood. Can tow a lot (not as much as the Suburban) and gets roughly the same MPG as the Toyota SUV that has less cargo space and less towing capacity. Though I bet it is easier to park.

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