Further thoughts on why you stay away from demonstrations

(Via Michael Bane on Facebook)

We’ve talked about how your presence at one of the current crop of demonstrations violates Farnam’s 3 Rules of Risk Management. I spent a bit of downtime today watching a live feed from New Orleans where a large crowd of idiots argued with another large crowd of idiots about something that started out about taking down Confederate monuments but has devolved into monkeys flinging shit at each other (IMHO). Fascinating stuff, but 10 minutes of my time was enough to tell me that I really don’t want to be anywhere near these events. While I saw no violence, all it would take is one person with an overload of stupid, and *boom*.

However, this piece takes the question on why you should stay away in a totally different, and much more frightening, direction. I have to admit I hadn’t considered that our darling government might/could/probably would use it as an excuse to push through laws, especially firearms laws, that they could never get through in any normal circumstances. That’s scary as hell, and I should have seen it myself. Remember, never let a crisis go to waste, and this would be a crisis that would make the Watts riots look like the Girl Scouts had ran out of cookies early. As with 9/11, you could use it to push through a lot of evil.

So now we are faced with the concept that staying away from the feces flinging monkeys isn’t only good for our personal safety, but for our safety as a group. It’s also important because it allows the current state to keep a lid on things a while longer, allowing us more time to get ready for whatever it is that we all fear is coming. After reading this, I have to wonder if maybe we’re all fearing the wrong things. How deep do the plans run?

I’m becoming more of a conspiracy theorist by the day.

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