We need more laws to restrict guns!

(Found on Gun Site’s Facebook page)

At least that is the hue and cry after any “large enough” crime in which guns play a part. So Dave Kopel and Joesph Greenlee decided to write an opinion piece for The Hill where they took at lot/many/most/all of the laws gun grabbers say we need and listed them for our edification.

The punchline of this is, as any astute gunnie already knows, that all of their demands are already laws, and have been for decades. Kopel and Greenlee play nice and don’t call the lying so-and-sos out, but I have no problem doing it. The people who call for these “laws that are already laws” are doing nothing more than pandering to their base in an effort to keep the blood money flowing in after every spree killer plies his bloody trade. They do it because it’s their business and it’s how they earn their living. They are nothing other than carrion eaters. They no more want these nut jobs stopped than window washers would like to see self-cleaning windows.

The hell with them and their demands.

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