Here we go, lobbing cruise missiles again

Last night, we launched what appears to be a pretty well designed and targeted attack on a Syrian government airbase. From all reports, it achieved all its goals, including minimal causalities on the ground. Today, the news and opinion is all over the place. I’ve seen just about everything you could imagine:

  • Trump was right
  • Trump was wrong
  • The Wall St. cabal has co-opted the Presidency
  • Now both parties and the media love him
  • Europe loves him
  • The Syrians love him
  • We just helped out ISIS
  • That we were suckered in by a false flag op
  • That is is long past time we “did something”
  • Why did we “do anything”–it’s not our problem
  • The chemical weapons were actually in possession of the Syrian rebels and were accidentally hit by a Syrian government bomb
  • The neocons have won control of the White House
  • The Alt-Right has officially abandoned Trump

I’m probably leaving out a few, but I’m anxiously scanning for word on space alien involvement.

I also have a few not exactly rhetorical questions I’d like to toss out there for consideration:

  • How is this supposed to improve our relations with Russia?
  • Why in the world did you do this with the Chinese President in your own house? Please don’t tell me you’re trying to make a point about the South China Sea in some sort of bizarre twofer.
  • What happened to that campaign promise about keeping out of Syria?
  • Am I alone in seeing the Mideast as the Balkans of the 21st century? With the commemoration of the US entry into WWI ongoing, this one is especially frightening to me. Hell, I thought Mr. Wilson Trump was going to keep us out of foreign wars for a while.

I guess it was nice while it lasted. Now we’re back to reality. At least we got Gorsuch on the Supreme Court. Hopefully that will work out for us.

One thought on “Here we go, lobbing cruise missiles again

  1. Yes, that was an act of war. No, war was not declared. No, congress was not consulted.

    Yes, we are probably more vulnerable today than we were last week because of this unilateral action by the preside. see: December 7, 1941.

    (As if terrorists paid any attention to international law.)

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