If they can’t get the guns…

They’re going to try for the ammunition. Jim Shepherd in The Shooting Wire sat in on yesterday’s teleconference where a cross-section of do-gooders, who have filed a petition with the EPA, presented their (weak) case for banning lead ammunition. Jim nicely fisks their arguments and demonstrates why their petition should legally go nowhere.

However, just because they should go nowhere doesn’t mean that’s what will happen, especially when once considers that this is the EPA and the Obama administration we’re dealing with. One has demonstrated multiple times that they can nothing for scientific research, the other that they care nothing for the law.

I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader to determine which is which.

Watch this one carefully.

1 thought on “If they can’t get the guns…

  1. Yep, more back door gun control. For this president believes in negitive rights. In that, you have a right to the gun, but not the ammo.

    Arn't progressives just flipping grand…not.

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