A bleg

Not for me, but for someone you may remember, Kim Du Toit.

Kim is the reason I’m here. Kim ran a blog way back when, one of the first ones I read regularly. He was brash and outspoken, and because he blogged under his real name, he paid a price for that in terms of jobs and opportunities lost.

I heard a while back that Kim’s beloved wife Connie had cancer, and that there was not going to be a happy ending. In looking for something else earlier today, I found out from WeaponsMan that Connie has passed from this life. Kim, if you ever read his blog, is devastated, because he really loved Connie. However, he’s also a realist, and is setting out to rebuild his life without her. That’s got to be all kinds of hard.

If you’ve never been around a prolonged medical battle, let me tell you that the devastation is not only mental and physical, but financial. Kim is facing all of those. We can’t do much for him mentally or physically, but we can toss some coin in the digital hat for him at his GoFundMe. As WeaponsMan notes, he’s got some very generous friends, but everything helps. In my current situation, I can’t do as much as I’d like, but all of us working together can.

Can you help an OG gun blogger? I have.

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