A new gun malfunction–the saga continues

I’ve gotten an amazing amount of traffic on my post “A new gun malfunction“. (I’m quite grateful for that, by the way. While I’ve often said that I write for my own reasons, it’s always fun to know that others are interested.) I thought you might want to know how that little project is going.

Monday of this week, the Glock 30, which for the time being I’m calling “The Gun That Put the ‘Ouch’ in Malfunction”, arrived home. Tuesday afternoon I took it to the range for a test drive. The first magazine was horrible, meaning that I was peppered with hot brass. The second was nearly as bad and the third, while better, wasn’t good enough that I was willing to shoot a fourth. I was, however, more than willing to utter a few choice words.

Wednesday morning, I called Glock’s support line and oddly enough connected to the same gentleman I had spoken to the first time. I filled him in on the latest, and told him that I had noticed one odd thing–a sticker on the case that noted “G26 Gen 4 “. I was curious if perhaps some incorrect parts had been used as replacements.

He had to go track down the actual paperwork from the armorer (someone wasn’t Johnny on the spot in getting his tickets entered into the system, it seems), but once he had it in had, it comes out that nothing had been done to the gun.  The armorer had ran 60 rounds of two different types of ammo through it and experienced no problems. I can confirm that something was done, because the gun was clean and not lubed when I received it back.

So we discussed the situation. He asked if it would be possible to get some video of me shooting the gun. That I can do, and so it was back to the range that afternoon, gun, range bag, tripod and iPhone in hand. 30 rounds of ammo, a lot of brass pinging off me and a pronounced flinch later, I had 2 minutes of video for them to look at. If I can figure out how to use Adobe Premiere well enough to blur out my ugly mug, I’ll post it here. It’s…interesting. It was also not as bad as the Tuesday trip; I think the wind had something to do with that.

I uploaded it to my Dropbox, wrote them a blow-by-blow account and sent them a link to the video. About 20 minutes later I got a message back saying to “please send us the gun”. This time the armorer is going to get the video to prove that there is something up with the G30.

Oh, and Glock is paying for the trip this time. I wouldn’t be doing this any other way, trust me. There is such things as “sunk cost” and “cutting your losses”.

I’m grateful that Glock is willing to put the effort in this problem. A lot of other companies would blow off a customer at this point. Perhaps it’s because gun companies, smart ones at least, know that repeat business is one of their big profit drivers.

I just hope they can figure out what is going on with it. I have video evidence that this gun does everything from a proper ejection to tossing them over my left shoulder, which was a surprise when I saw that on the video. There is something decidedly off with this particular pistol.

So it’s off to get it cleaned up and then back to FedEx. Keep your fingers crossed. I am.

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