Worried, big guy?

(Links via Drudge and others)

The Big O is apparently in “Throw it all at the wall and see what sticks mode”. He’s angry at his syncophantic media for inflaming those paid Republican protesters at the Dem’s town hall meetings. He’s got some of his presidential campaign ad firms on the case to persuade the weak-minded that red is blue and war is peace. He trots out the memory his sainted, wary of black men grandma just to show us how sympathetic he is with those whose lives would be shortened under his new health care regime. And he may be ready to throw the “public option” under the bus. (And some RINOs are willing to look at his ideas. They never learn.)

It makes me wonder if The Enlightened One is no so perfect after all, and if he isn’t taking desperation measures to ensure that he isn’t a lame duck 3 years early.

We can only hope.

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