Making a bit of personal history

At one point in history, online discussion forums were the big thing. In the days when the BBS ruled digital communication, forums were about the only thing we had. Well that, and Fidonet echos.

When the Internet came about, forums exploded. These days, they are so poorly ran, usually by narrow-minded Taliban wanna-bes who can’t stand the least thing that offends their world view, that they are unusable by anyone who has an ounce of ability to think for themselves. God forbid that someone post anything that might offend the forum admin’s delicate sensibilities.

A while back, maybe a year or more, I had a run in with one of these self-righteous types. Of course, I lost, but I made up my mind that if it happened again, I was going to bail. My time is precious to me, and even though I now have more of it than I did then, it’s still precious. So when my post referencing Mountain Guerrilla was yanked, I asked a different admin what was up. The response was an “I don’t know” followed by direction to contact that same self-righteous admin, I decided that it was time.

So now, for the first time since I’ve owned a computer, I’m not active on any sort of discussion forum. This is going to feel a little weird for a while.

3 thoughts on “Making a bit of personal history

  1. No, Dennis booted me a good while back. I called him when that stuff was just starting up and an exodus/purge was starting. I go in as a visitor occasionally just to see what's up, and the deterioration has been dramatic. Damn shame, because that was my "home" for years. It's another forum I'd rather not name. I've no ill will for them, there is just one particular admin who seems to think that it's their job to censor the Internet. I've had several run-ins with them and I get tired of that crap. Best we part company before harsh words are used.

  2. Yeah, I stuck it out for a while, hoping that it would stop going south…Sadly, it didn't. And D is getting more and more….unstable. I think that what with Odin passing, he's gonna go off the deep end soon.

    I was there as a member since 2000, and a lurker from before that. It is sad how that forum has become nothing but hate and partisans. No prep at all anymore. I think there are few members from the old days left. Most are gone…some left and some were purged. (and some just got old).

    As the saying goes…"not my circus….."

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