M-m-m, I don’t think so

Giuliani 2008 Game Plan Laid Out in Newspaper

Reading the story, it seems America’s Mayor is concerned that his past will adversely impact a presidential run. He’s also worried that his “more liberal social views” will cause him problems.

Huh? What’s he talking about? Oh, you mean his anti-freedom views:

I do not think the government should cut off the right to bear arms. My position for many years has been that just as a motorist must have a license, a gun owner should be required to have one as well. Anyone wanting to own a gun should have to pass a written exam that shows that they know how to use a gun, that they’re intelligent enough and responsible enough to handle a gun. Should both handgun and rifle owners be licensed…we’re talking about all dangerous weapons.

Or how about this one:

New York City Mayor Rudolph W Giuliani, following lead of many of nation’s other large cities, says that his administration will file its own lawsuit against handgun manufacturers, seeking tens of millions of dollars to compensate New York City for injuries and other damages from illegal gun use.

(You’ll have to pay to see more than that from the NY Times, but I think that says all that’s really necessary.)

He’s also pretty liberal on social issues that aren’t as big a concern to me, but I’ve seen enough. No Rudy for me.

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