Why have I not heard of Mountain Guerrilla before?

(Via The View From the Porch)

I wish I had, because this man lays down a powerful message. Read his words on the current civil war (yes, you read that correctly) and honestly answer these questions:

  • From your personal observations, is he speaking the truth? Do you see the things locally, especially if you live in a metro area, that he points out?
  • Can you factually refute any of the things he points out about the left in the US?
  • Is he talking to you? Are you one of the keyboard commandos? Are you practicing with that carry gun? Doing any PT? Do you even have spare ammo?

Remember, the truth will set you free, but first it usually pisses you off.

We Americans do have a violent case of normalcy bias. I can see some of the things he talks about in the two major metro areas in North Carolina. It won’t take much for that to work it’s way down into the smaller metros, then into the smaller cities and towns. I can tell you that my own wife is blissfully unaware and will remain so to the very end. Her worldview, like so many others, simply can’t accommodate this sort of reality.

While it may not happen (the future is never written in stone), anyone who chooses to see the evidence of their own eyes, to read history or to read books such as The Fourth Turning, knows that “something is up”. That something probably won’t be pleasant, and lot of us may not survive it as it plays out.

You don’t have to be one of the ones caught unaware and unprepared. Even if you haven’t made the first move, there is still time and you can still get ready. The 5 Minute Prep posts are a place to start. The blogs over on the left has scads of information. Google “prepping” or “disaster preparedness”. Do anything other than sit there behind your computer and A) puff out your chest and wait for the declaration of open season of leftists or B) think that it can’t happen here.

A isn’t going to happen and B is absolutely wrong. Time to get moving.

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