Doin’ that CYA thing

The City of Durham is, in effect, pleading “Please, oh please don’t sue us!”

Durham City Manager Says Police Improperly Handled Duke Rape Case

Then, of course, they improperly handle that as well:

But city manager Patrick Baker said the lineup was never intended to identify suspects in the case…


…Baker said investigators were trying to identify any witnesses to the alleged attack after the accuser…

Yeah…that’s the ticket.

In his report, Baker also pointed to the fractured relationship between the defense and Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong as the reason it took more than a year for authorities to conclude the accuser’s allegations were unfounded.

And in our final act of contrition, let’s throw in a healthy dose of “blame the victim”–or in this case, their defenders.

I hope these young men sue the everloving crap out of the Durham PD.

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