I’ve been following the antics of the Hermit Kingdom with interest.  Lots of stories out there covering the gamut from “Fat Leader is losing control of the North Korean military and who knows what’s going to happen” to “Don’t worry, be happy.”

Last night, stories start popping up that the Norks have moved a missile to an east coast location and are making noises about nuking the US.  While I would hope that cooler heads prevail, I don’t put anything past True Believers.  For all we know, Fat Leader, being the third generation in the family business, may actually believe his own propaganda.  Scarey stuff right there.

I’m curious about the (media?) fixation that the target is the continental US.  You realize that we have a lot of militarily interesting targets much closer to the launch point–Afghanistan, Diego Garcia, Okinawa, Guam and Pearl Harbor all spring to mind.  None of them would take the US military out of the fight, but what a sly move an attack on one of them would make, especially the bases in Afghanistan.  A country that no one really gives a rodent’s posterior about, and the big bullying US of A gets a major black eye.

An attack on Bagram would make a lot of sense from that perspective.

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