And the rebuilding fun goes on. And on. And on.

Still trying to get all the links back in.  If Blogger would cooperate, they would have been finished by now, but the last two attempts have resulted in all the work done being, wait for it…


Yep.  I’m even using Google’s freaking browser, Chrome, and their blogging software keeps crapping the bed and losing my work.  This evening’s was particularly frustrating.  I’ve had to revert to some seriously old-fashioned ways of doing things, such as saving my work every 10 minutes.  Three times in a row, after 10-12 link entries, I hit “Save” and am rewarded with the “Saving…” balloon…and there we sit, waiting and waiting, until I simply give up and cancel, work lost.

This is something I do for fun and relaxation, and it’s rapidly ceasing to be either.  I’m going to clear the decks, so to speak and give this another try tonight.  One more malfunction and it can sit here until I decide that I have nothing better to do, like root canals or colonosocopys, before I try it again.

Edit, later in the evening:  On a happier note, I’ve managed to get the Blogroll in along with part of the Guns links.  I’ve also disabled the CAPTCHAs and changed the font size for posts etc. from 12 to 16 pt and made it bold.  Improvement or not?  My main concern is making the page so big that people wind up having to scroll horizontally.  For me, that is something that will have me clicking the back button in a heartbeat, so I don’t want that happening.  I run a high-def monitor, so I have to rely on others to tell me if I “get out of line”.

1 thought on “And the rebuilding fun goes on. And on. And on.

  1. Thanks for attempting to rebuild. Let's hope, unlike Haiti, it is done at some reasonable time. I prefer the 16 pt and higher contrast with the post filling my screen. Max see-ability is more important to me than being able to see the sidebar all the time.

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