The Argo Adventurer

I can remember seeing the ads  in magazines for as long as I can remember reading magazines.  A 6 or 8 wheel amphibious buggy that was advertised as a go anywhere vehicle for hunters, farmers, woodsmen and adventurers.  Probably how it got its name–the Argo Adventurer.

No, I don’t have one.  At the price of a good used car, I have to look reality in the face and admit I have no need for one–except it would be cool as hell to have one!  What’s not to like about something can take you and a couple of your best buddies through the woods, through streams and over the lake?

I’m a little surprised they’re still in business, but I suppose it’s a testimonial to the design and quality of the vehicle.  I don’t think there is anything like it on the market.  I know my big 4-wheeler could only keep up with it on dry land.

Maybe I need to buy a piece of land that has enough problematic terrain that I can justify one of these….

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