Time to steal some content

Because, when you get down to it, that’s what I’m doing.  Fortunately, the good folks on my blogroll don’t mind, and they are always a great source of things worthy of stealing.

Arnie Coro has two posts on an antenna I’ve never heard of–the Bobtail Curtain.  The picture in the first post is of a 2 meter version, while in thesecond post he speaks of a 20 meter version.  If you are interested in home-brewing antennas, this is one to have a look at.

At Home on the Range. Brigid picks up on a meme floating about the Intertubz but gives it her own special flavor.  There has been a lot of…let’s be nice and just call it content…on the web about how hard it is to eat healthy when your on government assistance.  Brigid takes the amount the government-assisted would get, adds a bit from her long-term stores and comes up with a pretty tasty sounding menu in  “Preparing to Prep – Living on a Minimal Food Budget”.

Marko Kloos’s fourth book is out and has been for some time.  I really need to get to my blogroll more often.  If you aren’t reading his Frontlines series, you are missing some good SF.

Once again, Law Dog proves that he is as good a story teller and human being as he is a peace officer.  Damn shame we can’t populate all our police departments with men and women like him.

Kevin at The Smallest Minority went to Boomershoot.  All of us in the eastern half of the US can now officially start the Hate-a-thon now.  Just kidding, dude.  Looks like some awesome fun.

That’s enough theft for one Sunday.  I need to go get Some Important Things Done.

2 thoughts on “Time to steal some content

  1. "how hard it is to eat healthy when your on government assistance."

    Well, I've done it dirt poor without gov "assistance." The real trick to it is being willing to cook for yourself. The markup on packaged/prepared foods over the raw materials is incredible even in grocery stores. Fast food and take out… Sheesh. It also helps to settle for ckicken, pork, and ground beef instead of top sirloin.

    I did see one "research study" that alleged to prove that cooked canned beans were far cheaper than dried beans because prep time. She estimated labor at better than minimum wage for the entire soaking and cooking time. And yeah, she was being paid by the Canned Food Alliance.

  2. Beans: cook in a solar oven for zero energy cost. Since when does my prep time add to the meal cost? If I ain't at work, I ain't gettin' paid.

    Re bobtail curtain. New to me, too, but then again I'm not very well versed. It radiates off the broad side?

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