Another December 7

This particular anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor has a bit more meaning, perhaps, given the latest event of terrorism to take place on our own soil.  Once again, we were asleep, caught off guard.  Plenty of good people died and many good people ran to the sound of the guns.  We offer prayers of sorrow and for healing for the first group and prayers of thanks for the second.

Unfortunately, it seems that this time out national leadership does not have the resolve to fight the war that must be fought.  They soft sell the danger and the enemy while at the same time shifting much of the blame onto our own citizens.

It’s going to be up to us, for a while if not for the long term, to man the walls in the fight for our country.  So now, on top of preparing for an economic collapse, we get to prepare for what is in effect a war of national survival which we will have to fight in spite of our government.


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