I was listening to Michael Bane’s latest Downrange Radio, in which he deals with the ISIS attacks in Paris.  Strong stuff, and the man speaks with passion.  Even if you don’t listen to the show as a matter of course, I suggest you listen to this one.  Lots of good stuff in it.  Pay particular attention to the part about the interplay between radical and moderate Muslims.  Not news to me, but a lot of folks don’t seem to get the joke.

At any rate, he was remarking on the picture that has been floating about the Intertubz of the shield used by the first French counterattacker into the Bataclan theater, and the pattern of the hits on it.  I’d seen it but hadn’t paid too much attention, so I Googled it up, and marked it up.

The red circles are what appear to be obvious groups.  The orange circles are possible groups.  Four pretty definite groups and two possibles.

You may want to consider this when people tell you that the terrorists on mad men, or hyped up on drugs or whatever it is they’re saying to make themselves feel a little less scared.

These people were stone killers, down to the last man and woman.  Yeah, you heard about the woman who was yelling “Help me!  Help me!”  to the French police, trying to sucker them in closer before she blew herself up?

Boys and girls, we are definitely in the shit.  Our turn will inevitably come, and we’re going into the Muslim fanatic’s wet dream terrorist season here in the US.  People are going to go out–it’s Christmas.  You have to go out or the bastards win.

Just go out armed for bear, will ya?

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