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This morning I woke up with a migraine attack building.  No reason for it; as far as I know none of the triggers I’ve identified got themselves triggered.  (For the record, yes, I hate using the word “trigger” because of the Social Justice Warrior baggage it now carries.  However, it is the medical term, so I’ve got to go with it.)

I’ve showered and shaved (using a damn electric razor, because I’m shaking enough that I might well cut my jugular right now) and taken my meds.  And I’m waiting for them to kick in.  I’ve been waiting for an hour now, and it sucks.  I have to stay relatively still, and that’s not what I had planned on today.

At least with the advent of modern flat screen technology, I can look at a screen if I keep the brightness down.  And so I’m trolling around my blogroll.  Here are some of the interesting tidbits.

Wheelgun posted this several days before Friday’s events in Paris.  “Prophetic” doesn’t seem to cover it.

Captain Capitalism helps you lower your blood pressure and retain your sanity when dealing with those of a more liberal persuasion by educating us on the IQ differences between those who have decided to take the STEM path versus those who took a softer path.

From Cool Tools, the Wixey WR200 Digital Height Gauge.  At $56 it’s a bit steep, but I’d bet there is a Chinese knock-off at 1/4 the price that will be accurate enough for most needs.

In the MIDDLE of the RIGHT, you can find a list of where those 10,000 Syrian “refugees” are going to be resettled in the US.  I note with both sadness and trepidation that 3 of those cities are within a 1 hour drive of my home.  I guess that we may have to give a “retirement relocation” a bit more thought than we were.  Mrs. Freeholder will be thrilled.

Karen de Coster brings to light a bit of research that points out that if you sleep well, you’re a racist.  Seriously.  Please check your white privilege at the bedroom door.

Michael Bane’s reaction to the Paris attack.  Good as it is, one of the comments will bring you face-to-face with the reality of a terrorist attack if you have the stones to click through all the warnings.  You should.  As I said in my comment, they should be plastering this on billboards.  This is why we are armed, why we train and why we carry.  We might still wind up dead on the floor, but at least we have a chance.  Those poor souls had no chance at all.  They weren’t even cannon fodder.  They were simply sheep in an abattoir.

Uncle points out thatISIS couldn’t possibly be responsible for the Paris attacks since the Boy Who Would Be King has said that we have them under control.  I guess this is his “Mission Accomplished” moment, but don’t expect the press to call him on it.

And last but not least, the Tactical Professor talks boundaries.

We’re going forth into a new week into a world that has suddenly shifted underneath our feet–AGAIN.  Be aware, be safe, be prepared.  If you can carry, do so.  While I don’t think anything will happen here, we can’t know that, and fortune always favors the prepared.

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