Are the rats abandoning a sinking ship?

We saw a similar exodus among Republicans in the last election, when they knew they couldn’t win. I have to wonder if the elect are starting to see some writing on the wall.

Taken together, the decisions by Senators Chris Dodd of Connecticut and Byron Dorgan of North Dakota as well as Colorado Governor Bill Ritter caused another bout of heartburn for Democrats as they struggle to defend themselves in a sour political environment for incumbents, particularly the party in charge.

The Republicans should be aware of something, lest they think this means we love them again. We don’t love any of you elitist/statist bastards. It’s just that right now, we’re looking at solving our immediate problem, which is a bunch of wanna-be socialists intent on ramming their agenda down our throats. We’re not interested in having you back in charge so that you can try to cram your wanna-be Big Brother agenda down there. Our throats are already filled with bile from our treatment over the last few decades.

Whenever one group or the other figures out the true meaning of the phrase “limited government”, then you can come back and play. Until then, consider yourselves on double secret probation.

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