Not bloody likely

A Charlotte, NC man is partially paralyzed after being struck in the head with a bullet on the 4th of July.

Family members won’t know how much permanent damage there is until after the swelling has gone down, she added. “The police are saying it’s an accident. It came from somewhere outside the temple,” Wilson said. “It’s just unfortunate that it happened. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

With all due respect to the Char-Meck PD and the Yam family, I disagree.  It wasn’t an accident.  He wasn’t in the wrong place at the wrong time.

An idiot violated all of Col Cooper’s 4 Rules.  Every freaking one of them, and now a man is fighting for his life.  We, as responsible gun owners, not only have a duty to obey these rules ourselves, but to do our best to see to it that others within our sphere of influence do so as well.

Do your part to see to it that anyone you teach to shoot learn the 4 rules and applies them consistently.  Promote them to those who don’t know them.  Yeah, it’s kinda the boring drudge work of advocating for the Second, but it’s damn important anyway.

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