D-Day plus 70 years

There were a lot of “D-Days” in World War II–every assault had one.  But when you mention “D-Day”, most people’s thoughts will go straight to one particular D-Day:  June 6, 1944.

That particular D-Day seems to have burned itself into the consciousness of a generation, and with good reason–if there can be said to be a single day where WWII in Europe turned, this was probably it.

This year is the 70th anniversary of that great day.  We both celebrate and remember the courage and sacrifice of the men who fought and dies so that others could live in freedom.  This particular anniversary is also especially poignant, since so many of the men who participated have passed on, and for many more, this will be their last chance to revisit the scene of the battle.  A young man of 18 on that day is now 88, and like it or not, has many few days ahead than behind.

To those who have gone on and to those who are still here, I would like to offer my admiration, my wonder and my gratitude at your acts on that momentous day.  None of us and none of the people you saved from living under the boot of Nazism can ever thank you enough, but “thank you” is all there is to be said.

Thank you.

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