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Just busy with work, family and life.  Plus still too burnt out to get overly wound up about any of the continuing idiocy in the world.  As far as I’m concerned, our trajectory is nominal, and we are still on course for a hard landing in Deep Shitistan.  It’s still possible that we could change course, but each passing day makes it less and less likely that we can do so successfully.  Prep like your lives depend on it, folks.

That said, I read something on Teh Facebooks today that I thought was very profound.  I’ve said something similar here, but not nearly so well.  The writer is a crime victim (rape, I believe).  The context is in a long-running and highly entertaining argument between several conservative/libertarian science fiction writers and any number of liberal/progressives (known in that circle as “libprogs”) who have, in essence, taken over a lot of the sci-fi world.

I’m quoting it in its entirety,as it was quoted on Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter Nation blog.  (If you haven’t read any of his work, do yourself a favor and start with Monster Hunter International.  Don’t blame me if you miss out on sleep and/or meals.)

But do rape victims, or, indeed, any other victim of a tragedy or any other trauma, suddenly become sainted, that they become unquestionable? Are they suddenly elevated beyond the rest of us, that their words – especially if they’re incredibly harmful ideas -can no longer be tested or confronted in the arena of ideas? Do people who have been traumatized in some way gain a special knowledge that makes them unimpeachable and beyond criticism if they espouse a point of view that is not only hypocritical, but one that actively will create more victims, encourage social if not actual vigilantism, and remove the protection of innocent until guilty?

No, they’re not. They’re still people, and being a victim of a tragedy and a person who espouses harmful ideas are two separate things, even if they reside in the same person. They are just as capable of having lethally bad ideas as the rest of the population. They are still capable of being hypocrites. And their ideas are just as eligible for testing on the arena of ideas, not automatically segregated from it, nor are these ideas entitled to being given smacked with wifflebats of sympathy instead of swords of reason and scrutiny.

If pointing that out makes me bully, that is no worse than being an enabler who allows the spread of the idea by refusing to confront it simply because the person spreading that idea is put in a special class of social perception of Saint Victimhood.

Powerful words.  While the author, who goes by the name Shadowdancer, is specifically speaking on the subject of something called “rape culture” (feel free to Google it, just remove the breakables from you immediate vicinity first), it is directly applicable to those of us who fight for our Second Amendment rights.  Each time a spree killer plies his deadly trade, we get a parade of weepy-eyed relatives and friends of the dead on the Boob Tube, all of whom are using this exact ploy in their attempts to con the weak-minded into “doing something”.  The Million Moms Demanding Illegal Mayors Against Everytown astroturfettes trot it out in industrial strength to gain air time in which to spew their lies (72 School Shootings since Sandy Hook my ass).

Remember–these people do not gain special knowledge because a loved one was killed by a nutjob with a gun.  Their loved one’s death does not make them an unimpeachable witness, nor are they above our criticism.  Sure, we’ll be derided as heartless and cruel, but let me clue you in on something–they’ll say that about us anyway.  Didn’t you know that we hate babies and old folks, and want nothing more than to cut down the last tree so we can burn it (contributing to global warming) so we use the fire to roast the last known example of the California Condor?  And tell racist jokes while we lick the grease from our fingers and wipe our mouths on our sleeves?

Oh, the horror of it all.

I’m done fighting these fools by “the rules”.  Fighting them by the rules got us where we are.  It got us $17 trillion in debt, Obamacare, wars without end, 13% (or 23%, depending on who you believe) unemployment and all the rest of the baggage that’s dragging us down.  I’m going to fight on my own terms.  I’ll use Saul Alinsky’s methods when it suits me.  I’ll use low blows.  Hell, I’ll kick them in the balls if I can find them.  Bite, kick, gouge–whatever it takes.  I’m an old guy (well, relatively), and I’m in no mood to spend my “golden years” trying to scrape by in some bullshit post-modern nightmare world.

Think about it.  Do you want to live in that kind of world?  Raise kids in that kind of world?  Grow old in that kind of world?  No?

Then it’s damn well time to start doing something about it.

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  1. Still checking in daily. I may not stick around for more than a few seconds if there is not a new post, but I DO check in regularly.

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