Florida and gun rights

(Via Drudge)

Florida, a leader among states in supporting our Second Amendment rights, is now looking at a legislative proposal that will bar businesses from banning their employees from bringing legally owned guns to work. The bill will also shield businesses from lawsuits if an employee should use the gun for illegal purposes.

On the whole, I can support this, although I’m a bit conflicted when it comes to favoring one right over another. On reflection, it comes down to this:

  • Far more crimes are prevented by legally owned guns than are committed with them.
  • We’re favoring the individual right of real, flesh-and-blood people over the rights of a corporation, which is a fictional person created for the benefit of the government and stockholders. (An oversimplification–there are probably entire libraries with weighty tomes discussing how and why corporations came about. Feel free to do your own research.)

Here’s hoping all the states see the wisdom of this path. Legislating “unarmed victim zones” is a bad idea. Enabling people to legally defend themselves is a good idea. I’m all for good ideas.

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