Something to think about in terms of self defense

 A 46-year-old soccer referee who was punched by a teenage player during a game and later slipped into a coma has died, police said.

 The kid hit him once, with his fist, and the result was death.  This piece of data ought to figure into your calculus on the use of deadly force in your defense.

1 thought on “Something to think about in terms of self defense

  1. I'm of two minds after reading the article. On one hand, is the recognition that one punch can kill and to be mindful of allowing that danger into your defense zone. On the other hand, sometimes the things we enjoy contain unexpected risks. To avoid those risks, we would have to live in a bubble.

    A risk/reward assessment needs to be continually done on all of the things we do and actions adjusted accordingly. Certainly, a referee should not expect to be sucker punched, but that risk is also involved in walking down the street. Be mindful of people's attitudes around you and take prudent safe measures.

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