Defending the Defender

Shawn at Loose Rounds does a bang up job.

The only reason we need to march to Rob Pincus’s defense is because the mainstream media, ever hostile to gun owners, decided to pick and choose, slice and dice his comments from a talk at the NRA convention and make him out to be some sort of ogre.

First of all, if you have guns in the house, you must do the gunnie equivalent of drown proofing–you gun proof your kids.  That means that they are taught from birth that guns are treated with respect, that they aren’t allowed to handle a gun without Mom or  Dad there, that if they find one they are to not touch it and go find Mom or Dad (Thanks, Eddie Eagle), the Four Rules, you take them shooting, demonstrate what a gun can do (that means milk jugs full of water, you PSHysterics), and never, ever let the guns be a mystery.  Mysteries are absolute magnets for kids.

Second, let me tell you this–if you put a gun in a quality gun safe in your kids room, and kiddo manages to get into it, that kid needs to go to engineering school pronto.  There is no way, short of parental carelessness, that a kid can get into a good gun safe.

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