That’s very kind of him

The Governor of Colorado has given advance notice that Colorado is going to fall.

While I mourn the loss, I can appreciate his kindness to the people who is is unconstitutionally screwing out of their rights.  Magpul gets a few extra days to work on moving their operations out of state, as does Michael Bane, who is going to move his filming and post-production activities out.  Hunters across the US now have time to figure out where they’re going to hunt rather than Colorado.

Those of you stuck behind enemy lines, the best advice I can offer is vote with your feet and your money.  I’ve heard arguments for years from Californians who love guns about why they stay and “fight the good fight”.  Look at how well that’s worked out for them.  If you want to hang out until 2014 and hope you can reverse this, or wait x number of years for the court cases to play out, that’s your choice.

Me?  The “For Sale” sign would go up today, and I’d be working the relocation web sites for one of the states who has or is working on passing a law telling the Feds to go pound sand on gun control.

Let the Colofornians have the place.  And let us make sure they choke on it.

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