Another school shooting

And once again, the blood dancers, gun banners and general know-nothing idiots all come creeping out from under their rocks. Cockroaches have better manners.

There isn’t a media outlet today that isn’t simply seething with their blather. Look, I’m sympathetic with the parents’ losses; for crying out loud I have two kids myself. I’m not a monster.

That’s the point. I’m not a monster. Our 19 year old shooter is your monster. Not Smith and Wesson, not the gun store who (legally, it seems, much to the chagrin of those above named) sold him the gun, not the ammunition manufacturer, not Uber, not the company who made his breakfast cereal. I’m sorry to break that to you.

I’m also sorry to break it to you that no, once again I and my fellow gun owners will not be taking responsibility for this twisted little waste of protoplasm’s actions. My ARs killed no one yesterday. They stayed in the safe, minding their own business. Which is what all law abiding gun owners’ guns do, except when we decide we’d like to go exercise our civil rights and hunt, plink, participate in a shooting sport or some other legal gun-related activity.

Nor will we be cooperating with with whatever version of gun grabbing you have in mind this time around. I’ve seen all the old canards trotted out, some of them in new clothes, such as the piece on FoxNews by someone named Liz Peek who claims it’s time for conservatives to stand against mass murder. Funny, I didn’t know that conservatives supported mass murder. I’ve never seen that on any elected official’s–conservative, liberal or otherwise–list of campaign promises.

Of course, Ms. Peek also thinks that we need to get rid of “high-powered rapid-fire guns” because they are “too dangerous”. Of course, she also says that full auto guns are illegal and “Hunters or those who enjoy shooting clay pigeons don’t use semi-automatic weapons.”

When you are this damn ignorant about the subject you choose to opine on, there is no fucking way I’m going to take a word you say seriously. Go sit in the corner and be quiet, the adults are talking here. Should you decide to educate yourself on the subject, then I’ll be gracious enough to give you a fair hearing.

Others are demanding that the politicians do what they do best and “do something”. God save us from politicians doing something. That’s how we find ourselves in the various social and economic messes we’re in now. Politicians, please count to 10. Take a deep breath. Then take a vacation–for a few months. When you get back, then we can discuss this with cooler heads.

Sure, I’d like to wave a magic wand and make it so that these things didn’t happen any more. No thinking, feeling person wants to see another mass murderer trying to get the high score. But there is no magic wand, and that’s what all these people want. And no matter how had they wish for it to appear, it won’t.

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