An interesting diatribe on the NRA and our current situation in the District of Criminals

(Via Says Uncle)

Let’s see how many “This is the hill I’m dying on!” comments I can get from the “Not a single inch!” and “The NRA sucks!” crowd.

Duane Liptak, NRA Board Memeber and Executive VP at Magpul has a few things to tell you about the NRA, the bumpfire stock ban and reality in politics.

From the bitty bit I’ve done at a state level, this sounds about right. Politicians on both sides are all about getting elected/re-elected, a little about doing the People’s Work, a smaller amount about representing the people who elected them and almost nothing about doing the right thing. A lobbyist, no matter who they represent, has to work within that reality.

And sometimes, the best you can do is fight a delaying action while hoping that the troops in the prepared positions behind you can hold when you fall back.

2 thoughts on “An interesting diatribe on the NRA and our current situation in the District of Criminals

  1. Not "This is the hill I'm gonna die on".

    But still. They didn't even try for Heller, afraid that it might be difficult and expensive. The AWB, they supported. They've shown that the NRA exists for the NRA, and they REALLY don't want to fix the Gun Rights issue for gun owners, 'cause that will remove their reason to ask for more money and for those executives to get their princely salaries.

    I remember when WLP FLEW, in a private jet, to "meet with gun owners" at a local gunshow. He spent 3 hours there, didn't talk to any of the attendees nor the vendors, shook hands with the promoter and then went to eat….then flew to another city to meet with family on the way home. All on the NRA dime. Paid for with your and my dues.

    They pay companies *they own* (and profit from) for advertising and supplies. All legal, but pretty immoral.

    They don't really take on the hard cases, nor do they really influence what the members want.

    To compare the NRA to state and local Grassroots organization is insulting to the Grassroots.

    They put roadblock after roadblock in front of folks trying to get certified for Safety classes, simply so they can get more fees for those classes.

    The NRA exists for the NRA, not for you and me. Any good they do for Gun Rights is simply incidental. "Negotiating your Rights Away" pretty much defines their mission.

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