So I finally had time to listen to the Gun Talk Wounded Warrior finale

At first, the president of the Wounded Warrior Project, Steve Nardezzi, actually sounded fairly reasonable.  But about half way through he decided to break out a shovel and start digging.  By the time the hole was dug, not only did he sound like a complete tool, but he sounded like one of the beings on this earth I most detest–a professional fund raiser.  For those particular critters, it isn’t about the organization, it’s about how much money they can raise and how efficiently they can do it.  Because–ta da!–the more they raise and the less they spend on doing it…wait for it…

The bigger their compensation will be.

I’m guessing that WWP is right on the cusp of being so big and raising so much money that the original purpose, while still being carried out, is sort of lost internally, and it just becomes like any other business to its employees.

Pretty sad, but all to often success sows the seeds of failure.  And this, in my humble opinion, was one major FAIL.

And with that, I’m done with the subject and with WWP.

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