Hm-m-m, it may happen faster than I thought

After watching Jericho (which now seems a bit more plausible), I started nosing around the web to see how things were playing. My mood is now decidedly darker:

Gaza Shelling Prompts Hamas to Call for Attacks Against U.S.

Well, I’m glad they didn’t confuse us with Spain.
Donald Rumsfeld Resigning as Defense Secretary

Rummy, if you were willing to fall on your sword, why couldn’t you have done it a couple of months ago when it would have done some good. All you’ve done now is put blood in the water.

Democrats’ Wins Embraced Overseas

Especially by our Islamic terrorist enemies.

Tuesday night was a Good Night for Gun Control Advocates

Stock up on standard capacity magazine, ammo, semi-automatic anythings and anything in .50 BMG now, before the rush.

Democrat Spending May Mean Higher Taxes
I’m shocked, shocked I tell you.

But the thing that I and others find the most humorous is that, despite all of the warnings about electronic voting machines and how Karl Rove would surely use them to hijack the election, there are no stories about “stolen” elections, no stories about the poor and downtrodden being denied an opportunity to vote–hell, there are precious few stories about problems, if you discount those in the first few hours.

Of course, those stories started to disappear soon after it began to be obvious the Democrats were going to win big. Amazing how the tune changes when they win.

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