If you go to DefCon, go prepared

(This one is for the Mountain Man, who has been preaching the dangers of RFID technology to me for years.)

It would seem that the fun folks who run DefCon have made their point about the insecurity of RFID tech:

But despite the fact that attendees know they should take precautions to protect their data, federal agents at the conference got a scare on Friday when they were told they might have been caught in the sights of an RFID reader.

Me? I find it funny as hell, and I think they should have continued the project to it’s planned conclusion. Maybe that would get the message across to the Fiddlin’ Government that RFID used as an identity technology is fundamentally flawed. People, if one of those lovely “RFID enabled” cards is forced on you, all I can say is that you need to invest in aluminum foil.

I have to wonder if anyone from the Department of Homemade Homeland Security got snared? That would be rich.

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