The face of socialized medicine

(Via FOXNews)

You can Google up hundreds of these stories; this, bad as it is, is just the latest one.

First her GP and then medics at two hospitals kept saying the 33-year-old was suffering conditions including anxiety, nerve pain and even a torn ligament.

By the time Jeannine’s uterine cancer of the cervix was treated the tumour had become infected and shattered her pelvic bone. She died shortly afterwards.

Judging from the comments, the people of the UK have ceased expecting better from their National Health System (NHS). I wish I could say I can’t fathom why they aren’t hanging the bastards from the lamp posts, but sadly, I know why.

Sheep don’t rebel.

One thought on “The face of socialized medicine

  1. Google "Liverpool pathway of care." The UK is killing something like 170,000 old people every year. Because they don't have the money to treat them.

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