A little chaos at the ATF

(Via WorldNet Daily)

Long-time readers know that the ATF isn’t my favorite Federal government agency. It’s not that I hate them, per se, I just hate how they act toward law-abiding gun owners in general. (Yes, I’m painting with a broad brush–get over it.)

It would seem that they have other issues besides a demonstrated dislike for the citizenry. A Washington Post report (you may need BugMeNot) is laying a $19 million + cost overrun on their new 438,000 sq. ft. headquarters at the feet of the director, Carl J. Truscott.

They also seem to be having issues relating to a $13 million budget cut last year and some ill-advised hiring decisions. Apparently, there aren’t enough new cars (New cars? I drive a 97 and a 98–they need new cars?), enough offices or even enough desks.

The light of publicity is having some effect, since some of the director’s requested upgrades (like the $65,000 conference table) have bee trimmed by 50% and some canceled outright.

Pity the poor bureaucrat who has to make to with a $32,500 conference table. How will he ever live it down?

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