Our Hero speaks

Yesterday I blogged about a trio of robbers who suffered a catastrophic failure in the victim selection process when they tried to rob a Charlotte, NC restaurant.

Today, we get the details, including an interview with our still anonymous Hero.

Sir, if you should happen by my bitty corner of the Intertubz, please accept my gratitude for dispensing a few drops of chlorine into the gene pool. You are a Hero in the true meaning of the word–scared, but saddling up anyway.

And I would like you all to note all he did and all he took before going to his gun. North Carolina, with its screwy laws on self-defense, pretty much puts its citizens into this position every day. We need a “stand your ground” law passed and signed, and we need it in the upcoming legislative session. I suspect one will be introduced. (Yes, we’re trying again.) If you’re a citizen of the Old North State, I’ll place a notice here so you can write and call your elected representative and support it.

And Pizza Hut, if you should happen by, if I find out this man gets fired by you, I will do everything in my power to make you pay right through the cash register, and not just in Charlotte. I may not accomplish much, but I mostly surely will saddle up and see what I can do to cost you dollars and cents in as many cities and towns as possible.

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  1. Damn straight. I don't eat there anyway, but if they fire this man, I will make it my mission to expose this corruption to everyone I meet.

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