Snap! *THUD*

(Via Oscar Poppa)

We’ve all seen it–the dog that forgets about the chain in the heat of running toward the invader into his territory. Snap! goes the chain. Suddenly stopped in mid-rush, the dog’s feet fly out from under him and *THUD* he goes on his back.

Jim Zumbo (You know, the gun writer who is clueless on the 2nd Amendment?) just had the chain go Snap! Remington has pulled their sponsorship.

The *THUD* will be if Outdoor Life sends the guy packing. However, given the tone of this, that may be a while in coming.

Of course, this means that Remington, who long ago made one of my favorite guns, shall rate highly on The Freeholder’s list of “good folks to do business with”. And Outdoor Life? What Outdoor Life has said is unimportant, and we do not hear them. (The sixth quote.)

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