Pardon me, your bias is showing

Your anti-gun, anti-freedom, anti-Constitution bias, that is.

The South Korean government, in an effort to raise money for its military, wants to sell nearly a million antique M1 rifles that were used by U.S. soldiers in the Korean War to gun collectors in America.

The Obama administration approved the sale of the American-made rifles last year. But it reversed course and banned the sale in March – a decision that went largely unnoticed at the time but that is now sparking opposition from gun rights advocates.

A State Department spokesman said the administration’s decision was based on concerns that the guns could fall into the wrong hands.

Yeah, all those guys (like me) with Curio and Relic FFLs, many, we’re dangerous. Why, we might take one of the guns to the range and shoot some innocent targets.

What the The Big O understands about firearms, especially historic firearms, could fit in a thimble with room to spare. I just hope they don’t destroy them. When we get a more free-dom friendly President, then we can bring them home. After all, a fella can’t have too many M1s.

1 thought on “Pardon me, your bias is showing

  1. I've got a cold drink that says the clueless one pays the Koreans for the rifles, then piles them up for a photo op before chopping/melting/dumping them. After all, it's just tax money.

    As has been said, elections have consequences. I hope what is left of the USA can survive the next 2 years.

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