Apologies for the ad

It seems that one of my posts had an ad inserted into it, and I’ve just now noticed it. I’ve had numerous places that I’ve quoted try to “helpfully” put in a link back to their site, but never a freaking ad.

The Register (no linky love for you) ought to be ashamed of itself. It isn’t enough that people like me linking back to them will up their page impressions. No, they think that if I want to quote them, I ought to have their ads on my page.

Not effing likely.

This blog does not do ads. As it costs me nothing (other than my time), and since I’m not writing to earn a living, I see no need for ads. They clutter up the place and distract from my pitiful rants what I’m trying to say.

If there ever are ads here, it will because this place has suddenly started costing me (as opposed to Google, who owns the Blogger service) actual money. And you will be notified that it’s going to happen in advance.

Jeeze, but this hacks me off.

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