I have been remiss

I assumed that everyone + dog would be flogging the story of The Armed Citizen beingsued by a lickspittle company which apparently exists solely to sue people in flimsy copyright cases. After a troll through the blogroll, I find that I am wrong, wrong, oh so wrong.

What’s up with my fellow gunbloggers? You folks afraid of getting sued? Afraid Lickspittle and Co. is gonna sic the dogs of law on you (as opposed to siccing the LawDog on you, which would be a much more serious problem)? Did you miss the story? What? Why the silence? Look, we, as the gun culture, have stood up to the Brady Bunch, fought the ATF to a standstill, and made Barack Obama the Gun Salesman of the Year. What is a bunch of opportunists to us?

Write a blog post about this then go help a brother out, why don’t you?

3 thoughts on “I have been remiss

  1. Consider it done. Who are the people behind Righthaven that are responsible for this crap?

  2. Not to burst your finger-pointing bubble, but I covered it, Say Uncle covered it, Cranky Chick with Guns covered it, Curses! Foiled Again! covered it, Sharp as a Marble covered it, A Geek With Guns covered it, Weer'd World covered it, Rustmeister's Alehouse covered it, View from the Porch covered it, and SnarkyBytes covered it – some of them within scant hours of the original post going up at The Armed Citizen itself, and some of us with multiple posts already – and those are just the gunblogs on my own personal RSS aggregator. Going further abroad, it would appear as though No Lawyers, Only Guns and Money covered it, Gun Reviews covered it, AmmoLand covered it, and Snowflakes in Hell covered it, and those are just the specifically-firearm-related weblogs that jump out at me while searching – countless firearm-related forums, non-firearm-related blogs, and even foreign blogs also covered it.

    You are absolutely right – you have been remiss, in more ways than one. But go ahead and cover the story, if you like… I certainly will not fault you for being a little late to the party.

  3. Linoge, I don't read every blog on my blogroll with any real regularity. I'm sorry I missed it on yours and Tam's, which I had actually looked at that day. (Most of the rest you mention are blogs that I've never visited; some I've never even seen mentioned.) I picked up the original story on Tom Gresham's Facebook wall; more off of The Armed Citizen when I went looking for some details.

    Feel free to burst my bubble all you wish, but I do hope you did it after you hit The Armed Citizen's PayPal link.

    I find something quite appealing about using an anti-gun service to raise money to defend a gun blog.

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