Asked; more or less answered

Ye Old Furt asked a question in his comment onyesterday’s post on the lawsuit against The Armed Citizen:

Who are the people behind Righthaven that are responsible for this crap?

It’s kind of hard to know, but I did a brief bit of lunch-time research and came up with this:

Righthaven’s website is what as known as a “parked domain”–someone bought the domain name and it goes to some more-or-less anonymous server which gives you a page that says “This domain parked at some ISP”.

As far a people, the names I’ve found are “esquires” (read lawyers) named Steven A. Gibson (Nevada Bar No. 6656; and J. Charles Coons Nevada Bar No. 10553;

According to a Wired Magazine article, their business plan is to buy up copyrights and sue people.

So basically,my take on who you’re dealing with here are the sort of lawyers to give the honest and honorable practitioners of the profession a bad name.

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