Hope and Change, meet the real world

(I’ve been a good boy and stayed off the Obama-thon for a bit, more or less. Time to flog the horse a bit more–links via the Drudge Report; with the Rand link from the Patriot Post.)

Team O is finding out that Hope and Change aren’t much of a match for the real world. While it’s all blue sky and puppies to talk about a major makeover of the United States (into the United Socialists, even if most of them are too ignorant to realize their role as useful idiots), the real world is starting to push back.

On opening up the ol’ web browser this morning, the first thing I see is that the Dow Industrials are well below 7000, for the first time since 1997. (Of course, if this had had occurred during the prior administration, the screams of “It’s all Chimpy McBushitler’s fault!” would have rang forth across the Intertubz. Odd how the Bringer of Economic Rescue doesn’t have to endure a similar upbraiding.)

Once again, we find major financial corporations like AIG coming to the feeding trough government bailout wizards, empty balance sheet in hand, asking “Please sir, may I have some more?“, like some modern day Armani-suited Oliver Twist. Other financials, saddled with assets that no one can adequately value, continue to drag down the markets. Continued bailouts and “stimulus” prevent the markets from carrying out the sentence passed by the Court of the Free Market (death and dissolution), prolonging the agony for those of us who actually have to earn a living.

Team O is also finding that something as simple as their laughably monikered “citizen involvement” justdoesn’t work as simply as it did when they were out in the real world.

The Enlightened one is also finding himself being slowly painted into a corner, as his globalist compatriots take up the call for a “global New Deal”, which sounds distressingly like the same old deal. Hey, pal, you started it, and now they’re going to take you up on it–with the US taxpayers financing it, no doubt.

The Father of Clean Government is also finding himself saddled with yet another appointee who habitually dipped into the till–up to his elbow.

And to make matters worse for the Big O, the Shade of Ayn Rand is now walking to earth, stirring up the likes of Rick Santelli and holding tea parties across the nation. Sales of Atlas Shrugged are at an all time high as a new generation is having their faces rubbed into the simple fact that government is not a solution to their problems.

And me? I’m just sitting here, amused as hell, considering if I too should shrug.

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